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Her har vi lavet links til alle vores nyhedsbreve fra 2000 sæsonen. Ved at trykke på et af tal, kommer du videre til hele nyhedsbrevet.

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In June 1999 we competed in the Slagelse Rally. Unfortunately, we had to drop out during test drive no. 9 because of a defect distributor. At that point we were leading the race. It was also the year when Peter was in Lithuania to participate in the European Championship, but again he had to drop out because he suffered from gastric catarrh. However, he drove one test run with a top 10 placing. We also drove some manoeuvre tests this year, which were the beginning of the partnership between Palle and Christian.


There was not much time for rallying this year so we drove only a few heats. Palle got a job as foreman at the new Skoda House in Elsinore which required a lot of work in the beginning. This was also the year when Peter could call himself granddad for the second time - Philip was born 14th October.


During this season we put all our energy into the Skoda Rally at Funen. The car was adjusted to the (of that time) new regulations for rally. We also drove Rally-Sprint at Avedøre Holme. At both competitions the engine blew up.
1996 This year we drove 4 heats of manoeuvre tests in the Zealand Championship. We finished second best in our class, which was our best result this year.


This year we drove only twice, a show drive at Funen, and the Mobil 1 Rally-Sprint at Avedøre Holme. This was also the year when Peter got his new title: Granddad. Emma was born 7th June and took all the time Palle had. However, 3-week-old Emma saw the Rally-Sprint at Avedøre Holme in 32 degrees centigrade.
1994 This year Peter and Palle drove one heat in the Czech Republic. They were invited to a closed race in Plzen in the occasion of Aspekta Holding’s new premises. The Czech Mazda Team participated at this arrangement, as Jiri Piertlitek is the owner of the Czech Mazda Rally Team.



2 manoeuvre tests and one race in the Czech Republic. During the last-mentioned we had to drop out because of a ruined left rear suspension.



2 races in the Czech Republic: At the Barum Rally we ended as no. 43 in general, during the other race we had problems with the fuel-pump and ended as no. 72.


At Rally Tatry we got the best placing abroad ever: no. 23 in general and no. 5 in our class. It was a fantastic race in the Tatry mountains. The mountains are 3500 meter high.



We drove 2 Danish Championships this year, but unfortunately we did not finish both of them. A post of concrete put a stop to our freshly painted car. After that it needed quite a reconditioning. In the second race we finished 7 in our class and 61 in general.



The year when we rebuilt our car to a Group B car. We started only once in the Czech Republic this year: At the Bohemia Rally in Mlada Boleslav, with help from the factory team. It was a great experience. We finished 52 in general and 11 in our class, which was a good placing, with 23 Skoda in our class. This was also the year when Skoda Denmark and Peter denounced the contract of technical support from the importer.
1988 In the Zealand Championship we finished 3 in manoeuvre tests and 3 in the 7-Cup. It was also the year we moved up to Group A. The engine generated 85 bhp and the gearbox had 5 gears. We raced the Bohemia Rally in the Czech Republic. Our start number was 106; we drove the longest rally with 52 tests and a total distance of 1784 km. We ended as no. 56 in general.



This was the year we began getting technical support from the Skoda importer. We repaid by becoming winners of the Zealand Championship and of the 7-Cup. This happened in Group N, the class of standard cars. The engine generated 58 bhp and we had an ordinary gearbox, but we drove fast and steadily throughout the season: 17 victories out of 17 possible! We were invited this year too by Skoda-factory in Mlada Boleslav because of our good results in the Danish Rally. Skoda Denmark wanted to show "their" rally car at Skoda home ground too.



This was the year everything really started for us. We finished 3 in our class as the best result this year, which also was the year we went to the Czech Republic for the first time. Because of misinformation from our motor union in Denmark we lacked fire extinguisher installation in the car and we were therefore not allowed to start.
1985 We finished first in a closed race on a frozen lake at Elsinore. This was the beginning of everything.
  If you like to get more information from our "Scrapbook" throughout the years you can mail press manager He wills soon after send you a copy of the requested material.

We would like to thank the co-drivers who have helped the team throughout the years.

Danish and European Championship:
Louise Arp, Jens Ole Larsen, Per Skytte, Finn Emborg, H.C. Strip and Danius Alekna – Lithuania

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