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Peter Bjørnsten

Since 1969 Peter has gone in for motor sport. He began his career with orienteering, driving a NSU 1000 TTS. However, this went too slowly. In 1971 he started driving manoeuvre tests. That went pretty well and Peter wanted to drive more. However, because he raised a family he did not have much time for it, and Peter had to shelve the plan. In 1985 Peter took up the career again. The NSU was rejected in favour of a Skoda 105 and with his son Palle sitting next to him. At this time, Palle was the youngest co-driver in the country, but regulations did not mention anything about age limit. Palle has been by Peter’s side ever since, except during the races driven abroad during the end of the 1980’s. At that point Palle did not have a driving licence. Now Peter’s role in rallying is changing - Palle is soon going to drive the car himself with a new co-driver. Like father, like son.

1. Kører

Palle Bjørnsten

In 1985 Palle began going in for motor sport. He started with taking lessons in driving after a map; hereafter it started going fast. It appeared that Peter and Palle had a strong partnership. At that time Palle still went to school and had therefore lots of spare time for the rally car. In 1989 he began training as a car mechanic. A choice, which was extremely useful for the team as Peter was and still is a self, taught car mechanic. After ended apprenticeship at the workshop he joined the army, then married and had a family. Peter’s title changed to "Grand-dad", a title that he, by the way, is very proud of. In 1998 Palle started getting serious about rallying. Now he is going to learn how to drive rally after annotations. At first as co-driver, later behind the wheel. Palle is now going to learn how to drive the rally car according to his father’s instructions.

Service manager:

Valther Larsen

Walter Larsen, a work shops manager from Søndersø. He joined the team in 1987. Walter is the team leader, and safety- and service manager. He spends 200-300 hours per year on this project. He makes the car ready for every race that we run. Before start he gains an insight into the test drive, and according to this he spends his time in between the test drives adjusting tyres, checking up upon the engine, filling up petrol etc.


Jon Rasmussen

Jon Rasmussen, a body- and fender worker from Fredensborg. He joined the team in 1992. Jon maintains the suspension, mends dents, helps Walter changing the tyres etc. He is Walter’s "right-hand man" and is not afraid of lying down in mud and puddles to fix the car. Jon’s motto is:

" It just has to drive all the time!"


Pia Bjørnsten

Pia Bjørnsten, from Fredensborg, works as an assistant at a day nursery. Pia is responsible for the provisioning for the team. She brews coffee, makes sandwiches and makes sure that everybody in the team are full and happy. Pia is Palle’s younger sister and Jon’s girlfriend.


Carsten Petersen

Carsten Petersen, a computer consultant living in Frederiksberg. He joined the team in 1992. He is responsible for press releases, press photos, videos etc. He is at the same time responsible for sponsor contacts, and updating this home page.



Toyota Hiace, 2,4 Diesel. Den er fyldt til randen med tilbehør, benzin, dæk, værktøj. Den er vores tro følgesvend. Foruden en servicebil var et rallyteam ingenting. Der er altid radiokontakt mellem servicebil og rallybil. Det er også den, der må trække rallybilen rundt indenlands og udenlands. Det er en meget stor nødvendighed, at servicebilens indretning er tilpasset til det løb vi skal køre. Er der grusprøver i løbet, er det vigtigt at donkraft, hjulnøgle og grushjulne ikke ligger bagerst i bilen. Der er meget lidt tid mellem prøverne.


En ældre campingvogn er teamets "hotel" ved de løb, hvor der er plads til den. Den indeholder sovepladser, vand, varme og hygge. Det er herfra teamet skriver noter rent, spiser og hygger sig med hinanden, og de konkurrenter der måtte komme ind i vognen og sige hej. Det er også herfra vi lægger taktik til de forestående hastighedsprøver.

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