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The car:

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The rally car:  is a seem-factory Skoda 130 LR, which means that all components are manufactured in the Czech Republic and later assembled in a workshop in Denmark. In 1986 the car was registered for the first time and was rebuilt to rally car in 1989. The car is built according to the homologation certificate, which the factory defines, for the cars used for rally. It takes approximately 600 hours to build the car - after that it is ready for the first test drive. Hereafter hours of work are spent, adjusting breaks, steering angels, and suspension, or little things, which occur all the time. In 1995 the car was totally segregated and the search for surplus weight began. Everything was weighed and each part found too heavy was replaced with better and lighter materials.


The engine:  is built with help from Aspekta Holding in Plzen, Czech Republic. It is a 4-cylinder engine of 1298 ccm. with one carburettor. The engine generates 127 bhp. at 8200 rp/m.


The gearbox:  is a 5-step close-ratio without differential-lock. Jiri Pertlizek builds it according to the choice of gear we need in Denmark. It is very low geared allowing us the best uptake as possible. Our car is in the heavy end of the scale. Fully equipped it weighs 925 kilo which, in our class, is a lot. For that reason we need to minimise the weight as much as possible. In the 0 – 1400 ccm. Class it is too much with a weight of 7,28 kilos per bhp. This makes it necessary to drive aggressively, also at the more dangerous places where you can make up for lost time.


The brakes:  are ventilated brake disks at the front wheels and brake drums at the rear wheels. However, the diameter of the brake pistons is bigger than normally.


The Suspension:  is developed by Sachs in Schweinfurt, Germany. It is designed for our use and is suited for our driving manners, making it unnecessary to watch out for the big holes in the road.


Safety precautions:  the Car is fully equipped, as we take no chances. All the time, the international motor sport league in Paris, FIA makes new safety regulations for our cars. Of course, this is done to prevent the drivers from getting injured in case of an accident. FIA technicians in Denmark, as well as Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, and Lithuania have checked our Car. Every time the car was checked it was found OK and without remarks.



Engine: 4-cylinder engine with carburettor
Effect: 127 bhp at 8200 rp/m
Weight: 925 kilos.
Gearbox: 5-speed close-ratio.
O – 100 km/h: Approximately 8,5 seconds.
Topspeed: 140 – 200 km/h depending on gearing.
Brakes: Ventilated brake disks at front wheels and brake drums at rear wheels.
Rims: 6 x 13" of aluminium.
Tyres: 185/60x13 depending on ground.

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